16 February 2009

The Great Seed Swap

Turns out, Cheri and I are both the proud owners of large boxes of seeds. We've both at some point had the brilliant idea of ordering "everything" from a catalogue (as you do). Luckily, we've ordered enough different things that we could split some of our packets to try. I'm really looking forward to growing lots and lots of different things in the coming year, and I sowed my first batch of seeds for transplanting on the weekend. Cabbages, Broccoli, Chard, Cauli, Brussels Sprouts, Spinach (I think), and a few broad beans and peas. They're all sort of under glass, and I've been giving them the odd squirt with my squirty bottle - here's hoping they all germinate and don't subsequently die of the apparently dreaded "damping off"!
This batch isn't the really exciting stuff, but I have almost completely run out of brassicas. There are a few tiny sprouts on one of my broccoli, another one I've let go to seed, and the others haven't started heading up yet. I can tell it's going to be difficult timing my sowing to get a good succession of things to eat...only 'cause I don't like maths!
I've been harvesting lots of beans, a good big handful every other day, and the lot that I put in a couple of weeks ago are already racing up their little teepee. The corn, on the other hand, seems to be taking its sweet time to ripen. I guess that's normal.... annoying, but normal.
I'm getting ready for a tomato explosion soon, hoping for enough to make some sauce or relish or some such. I really need to practice my chutney and relish making.
The gherkins are still doing fabulously, and I keep finding giant ones hiding under the leaves. They're covered in spikes, so they're not the easiest to harvest, but they seem to be well worth the effort.
So much is going on in the garden at the moment that it's complete chaos. The weeds have totally gotten away on me, and I can barely keep up with the harvest and processing, let alone planting more.... but I promise another update soon... I have maori potatoes (tutaekuri) getting near to ready.........


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