21 January 2009

a slightly nervous hello

Thanks Cheri for inviting me :)

It's great to have somewhere to post about the garden and such, since I get much more excited about it than my dear husband thinks reasonable! *grin*

This week I have been stealing blackberries and apples, and making jam-like substances from all sorts of fruit, gifted, stolen, bought and grown. Did you know it's illegal to gather food from public places in Wellington? I sure didn't!

My wee stash of jams and chutneys is growing by the day!

Another thing that's in season at the moment is gherkins, unfortunately I only put in one plant so my harvest is a bit pathetic! At the moment I'm brining them in preparation for pickling - I figure I can add a couple more over the next few days.

With so much in season at the moment, I'm looking forward to posting more as time allows!

lots of love


1 comment:

Cheri said...

Its only a wee stash because you don't have more jars! lol They look lovely! Serves me right for not coming over eh? :)


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