05 December 2008

Hooded Baby Towel

I'm so proud of myself! I can't stop looking at the Hooded Towel I made yesterday and wonder at how it looks shop-bought. I've not made many things and my daughters mermaid outfit turned out too large and a little dismal (in my eyes but shes happy of course). There's a few curtains and minor quilt toppers half-complete but I'm very much a beginner in sewing. I hope to change this given time.

Anyway, I cut:
  • two pieces of toweling into 26x26 inch squares
  • one piece of cotton and one toweling into triangles with 10 1/2 inches down each right-angle side
  • a few of cotton, 2 inches wide and ultimately measuring approx 110 inches long
I sewed the two triangles together, right sides facing, along the diagonal side. I pressed the seem to one side and then folded it back into a triangle, wrong sides facing, pressing then cutting the shape to a perfect flat hood. I sewed this loosely to one corner of one of the pieces of toweling.

I took the strips of cotton and sewed them to the edges of one piece of toweling - right sides facing (so as to hide the seem that keeps it from fraying). I pinned the two toweling pieces together and then pulled the other edge of the cotton to the other piece of toweling and hand sewed the edging on through fear of missing the edging on the other side if I ran it through the machine.

I can only guess this would be better attached after folding the two edges to the middle and pressing then folding in half and pressing. That way you can wrap it over the toweling edge and run it through the machine. Corners, well, I cut the edging straight to the corners so I had a hard time! I tried to make corners like a picture frame, it worked but only just!

So, I'm pretty happy with myself as a novice. If you have any tips to share please do! I do refuse to use that spray on stick-it stuff though. I hope you enjoy using these instructions or admiring my work :)

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