12 October 2009

Shoveling Shit

The chook run has about a 10centimetre layer of the most wonderful black fertile, poo-enriched soil, so with the hope of growing the best asparagus and potatoes in the world, today's task has been to start digging it out and putting it into "raised beds" (the old compost bins I'm moving from beside the shed). It seems to go a long way, and the rhubarb that's already planted in it is doing fantastically well. We'll see how the spuds (or potentially, beans) do.


Nigel Olsen said...

So how are the veges coming along?

Rhizowen said...

For good asparagus seaweed is really good. Lower Hutt's by the sea.......

Thanks for following my blog. As capital cities go, Wellington's pretty good. Small yet perfectly formed.


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