14 July 2009

Rainbow Jumper in the Making

I've been swatching like mad to get the feel of this new acrylic wool bought from TradeMe (thank you Kiwicat63!) and make it chunky for my friends requested jumper. I've really enjoyed it! Knitting in 1 strand of 8 ply (DK) then 2, 3 and 4 strands of it using different needles and variegating stripe styles. I know my friend only really wanted a random striped sweater just like the one Mick Aston from Time Team wears -------------------------------------------->
but I couldn't help myself, I had to play!

It's also taught me the wpi (wraps per inch) of each thickness and how the scale of stitches x rows pans out. All in all its been fun and I'm now ready to start my new project of a home-style, Mick Aston Jumper with a roll crew neck and drop sleeves...watch this space!

After this I still have a child's fluffy, striped coat, socks, fairy dog, legwarmers and shawl to complete :)


Melody said...

When you've finished, can you please send me the pattern? I want to make myself a Mick Aston jumper!

Dragonladylewis said...

Oh yes! I've added you to my expansive knitting links just to follow progress, and I've love to have a Mick Jumper too. I've been stashing loads of Pallette yarn from Knitpicks, just waiting for the proper pattern....


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