04 July 2009

Knitted Fruit/Veggie Bags

Surprisingly, these net shopping bags didn't take too long to knit up. Well, after I stopped trying to knit it exactly to instructions with only 3 double pointed knitting needles, I've never done that before you see and so didn't know that it's common knowledge that you use the forth to then actually knit. You can imagine me sitting there knitting one lot onto another pointed needle that already has stitches on it and wondering why it's now all straight and un-knitable :) I knitted this bag flat on 2 lovely normal needles and then all I had to do was sew up the join. It was after this that a friend told me (through much laughter) how you must use a forth needle, even if the pattern doesn't mention in. I did try to use the forth needle but my brain sorta collapsed as it tried to fathom the reality of using it.

Something for another day me thinks

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