02 March 2009

yay for duct tape

Now that I have finally sort of fixed my space bar with the aid of Duct Tape, I can update again!
At the moment, the weeds seem to be winning. Probably because I'm not getting out into the garden as much as I'd like. On the plus side, they'll all make fabulous compost once I take to them with the weed whacker.
The Urenika (tutaekuri) Maori Potatoes I was looking forward to died down, and I harvested them. It was a disappointingly small crop, but tasty fried up with beans and zucchini (from the shop, my one zucchini plant has finished for the season) in garlic butter. mmm.

Aside from the spuds, I've been pickling more gherkins, about a jar a week, some of which have been absolutely gigantic (for gherkins).
My tomatoes are just starting to ripen up, but I've made a deal to swap some with a friend who has too many, for some of my eggs. Yay barter! I've got 2 new chooks now, a total of 4. Only one of the new ones has a name - Mrs Specky (see below): the other one is still just "the other one". I've put them in with the others today for the first time, after about half a week in separate cages. There's been a bit of squabbling, but I've got my eye on them.

The garden is starting to take over my life...insofar as it can compete with an energetic toddler for my attention! Last weekend saw me collecting pallets (for chook housing or garden edging), straw bales, and pony poo... in the rain. I will learn to drive, I will... these tasks don't make for a happy husband.

Hopefully today I'll also get around to bottling the pears I took off our tree just before the weekend (before the fruit flies eat them all up!), and maybe later in the week I'll harvest the neighbour's apples for making into cider. Muahahahaa.....cider.....omnom.

Most of my seeds from last time have germinated, and I put in another lot on the weekend. Now I just have to dash outside and save them from expiring in the sun.....

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